AI IT Agent for Startups

With the power of AI, we make app and user provisioning not just affordable but effortless. Streamline user and app provisioning now!

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AppManager - AI IT agent for startups, streamline app & user provisioning | Product Hunt
AppManager - AI IT agent for startups, streamline app & user provisioning | Product Hunt

We help you focus on growth while we take care of your IT.

User Management

No more adding or removing users one by one across your apps. With AppManager, you can do it all at once, saving time and effort.

Manage Subscriptions

Keep track of your app subscription costs easily. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel them directly from AppManager. It's all in one place.

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Don't let app management and user provisioning become a pain in your business. Try AppManager today and experience the ease of managing your app and user ecosystem from one app.

User Cost Breakdown

Understand how much each employee costs in app subscriptions. AppManager helps you see these costs clearly, so you can make smarter decisions.

Streamline App Costs

Tired of keeping track of scattered invoices? AppManager brings all your invoices together in one place, making it easy to keep an eye on your spending.

Provision new users swiftly and cost-effectively. Keep a keen eye on your spending with clear visibility into each employee's app subscription costs. Make smart, data-driven decisions that could save your company time and money.

Permissions Management

Easily control who can do what in your apps. AppManager lets you manage all these permissions from a single place, keeping your systems secure and under control.

Payment Method Update

Update payment methods for all your apps without the fuss. Do it all from one place with AppManager, making admin tasks simpler.

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User Provisioning

Subscription Management

Employee Cost Breakdown

Enhanced License Cost Tracking

Smart Spending Insights


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